Here's how we help our local community!

How do we help the local community?

Nottingham City Council has appointed Castle Cavendish as Lead Organisation to work in partnership with a number of local organisations in the following areas:

We will play a key role in supporting the development of the local voluntary and community sector in these three Areas through:

  • The Distribution of the Area Based Grant
  • The Provision of support and advice to voluntary sector groups.

Advice and Support

If you are already established,or considering setting up a project, or local group we can help you in a number of ways, for example we can support you to:

  • Set up your project/community group
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Identify Sources of external funding
  • Draft funding applications
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • register as a charity CIO or CIC
For more details please contact our Support Services Manager, Jane Simpson on:
0115 964 8351
or email:

Grant Funding Opportunities

The following are the current opportunities to recieve grant funding at castle cavendish. Note some are seasonal and change over time (this is just an example of the text that could go in this bit! :)

Community Projects Grant

Another‘open-bidding’ grant programme is specifically for community projects that address the following: -Loneliness & Isolation-especially amongst senior citizens

  • Translation/conversational English support - particularly among the new and emerging communities (i.e. African, Eastern European and Roma)
  • Community Cohesion-tension between new and existing communities, issues between students & permanent residents plus inter-generational differences;
  • General health & well-being - including physical, emotional and mental health.
  • Training & Support - qualifications and re-skilling for unemployed residents
  • Volunteering & work experience - maximising local opportunities and increasing the quality
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The Area Based Grant

The main Area Based Grant Programme supports organisations that provide a broad range of weekly after-school, evening and weekend activities during school term and holidays for local children, young people and their families. This funding is already allocated to established delivery partners.

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School Holiday Activities

We run a small ‘open-bidding’ grant programme for school holiday activities and we encourage any VCS group to apply, particularly those small, grass-roots organisations, who are not main delivery partners.

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For any information about the grants programme please contact our Area Partnership Manager, Van Henry on: 0115 964 8354
or email:

Company Information

Castle Cavendish Foundation, Registered Charity No: 1119003 and
Company Limited by Guarantee in England No: 4209702
Castle Cavendish Ltd, Registered in England No: 06113675