our funding partners and other organisations we work with are listed here

Our funding partner

Our main funding partner is Nottingham City Council, who has appointed us as the Area Lead Organisation for the community and voluntary sector across 3 Areas of the City, covering the wards of Basford, Sherwood, Berridge, Hyson Green & Arboretum, Radford, Castle, Wollaton West, Lenton & Wollaton East and Meadows.

This status, amongst other things, provides an award of grant from the City Council, called Area Based Grant, which funds a range of community and voluntary sector activity in supporting play and young people, improving employment and skills, supporting community hubs and developing the growth of the local VCS. Castle Cavendish works with its delivery partners and its own funds to maximise the impact of the Area Based Grant and make a difference to people’s lives

Our Delivery Partners

Castle Cavendish works with a range of delivery partners whether that is through our grant support programme or community employablity support initiatives. Castle Cavendish is funding provision in Areas 2, 4 and 5.

  • 9th Nottingham Girl's Brigade
  • AJ Sport Academy
  • Belong Nottingham
  • Bestwood Partnership Trust
  • Breaking Barriers Building Bridges
  • Community Based Fitness
  • Daniyaal's Martial Arts Academy
  • East African Education Centre
  • Empleo
  • Fearless Youth Association
  • Hyson Green Youth Centre
  • Belong Nottingham
  • Mojatu
  • Nottingham Bikeworks
  • Nottingham Health  & Education Support
  • Notts Clubs for Young People
  • Notts County Football in the Community
  • Primary
  • Signpost to Polish Success
  • Switch Up
  • Take 1 Studios
  • The Bridges Community Trust
  • The Lenton Centre
  • The Pythian Club
  • The Toy Library
  • The Vine Centre

AJ Sport Academy

AJ Sport Academy is a sport academy created to interact with young people between ages 5-23!

​We aim to develop young players’ skills/abilities to a higher level and offer trials throughout our numerous football scouts and network relations with clubs and pro clubs around the world.