Funding Programmes - Local Priorities

As part of our role as the Area Lead Organisation we run a number of grant programmes.  The following funding programmes are now open. 


Please read through the guidance notes before completing your application.


Please complete, sign and return applications to Van Henry.


From our knowledge of local needs it has been agreed that the  following local

priorities will underpin all our grants:

  • Community Cohesion – tension between new and existing communities, and issues between students and permanent residents;

  • Crime & Community Safety;

  • Food & fuel poverty;

  • Loneliness and isolation - especially among senior citizens;

  • Mental Health – both primary and secondary (diagnosed and low level); and

    Translation and conversational English support, especially among the new and emerging communities (i.e. North African, Eastern Europe and Roma);


Children & Young People Programme

Our delivery partners are signed up for the next three years, and we will only have an open funding process if a new need becomes identified or a current organisation stops delivering their work. For further information about our delivery partners click here.


As well as our main programme, we also fund a 'Summer Activities Programme'.  


Training & Support Grants 2017-18

Grants for projects, events or other activities that provide direct benefits to local people within Area 4* and are targeted towards local people who are over 30 and are not in work. Your project, event or activity must address one of more of the following priorities and delivery the provision primarily through group support sessions and recognised training courses delivered from local venues within Area 4:


  • Language barriers and translation issues
  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • Anxiety, stress and low-level depression.
  • Re-training and Up-skilling needs
  • Active volunteering

*Your project/event can be open to people outside the area, but we are interested in value for money with reference to numbers of people from within the area)


TSG Guidance Notes 2017.doc
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TSG Application form 2017.doc
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Local Priorities Community Grants 2017-18

We have supported a number local groups located in Area 4 (Arboretum, Dunkirk & Lenton, Radford & Park) with grants that have addressed the local priorities listed at the top of this page.


​This community grants programme is now open for 2017-18 and is a rolling programme so has no closing date


LPCG Key Info Sheet 2017.doc
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LPCG Guidance Notes 2017.doc
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LPCG Application form.doc
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Other Funding

Nottingham Together      

Nottingham Together is about how well people get on with others from different backgrounds. The Nottingham Together Grants aim to support and develop activities that promote coming together, cohesion or neighbourliness amongst and between Nottingham’s communities. The funding has been allocated to Nottingham from central Government to help make Nottingham an even friendlier place to live and work. Migration can bring real benefits to Nottingham, our culture, economy and way of life. Nottingham is a welcoming city, open and compassionate as we have shown in welcoming people in need. Grants are aimed at achieving the best benefits for established resident communities, and enabling or encouraging cohesion and integration amongst newer communities in our City.

Seed Grant Guidance Document
Nottingham Together Seed Grant Guidance.[...]
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Seed Grant Application Form
Nottingham Together Seed Grant Applicati[...]
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Small Grant Guidance Document
Nottingham Together Small Grant Guidance[...]
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Small Grant Application Form
Nottingham Together Small Grant Applicat[...]
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Tackling Crime in Communities

The Tackling Crime in Communities small grants programme is supported by funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner. It aims to help the Voluntary and Community Sector develop or sustain new and exciting ideas that aim to discourage involvement in serious organised crime, and encourage local grass roots organisations find solutions to issues that impact on their local communities. It is targeted at groups providing activities that aim to find solutions to end participation in negative issues such as gang involvement and violent crime. 


Tackling Crime in Local Communities - Application Form
Small Grants Ending Gang and Youth Vio[...]
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Tackling Crime in Local Communities - Guidance
Tackling Crime in Local Communities - Sm[...]
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