Grant Funding Programmes


As part of our role as the Area Lead Organisation we run a number of grant programmes for projects, events and activities provided in Area 4 (Arboretum, Radford & Park and Lenton & Dunkirk Wards) and Area 7 (Lenton Abbey, Wollaton East And Wollaton West Wards).


Please read through our updated guidance documentation before completing an application form.



Children & Young People Programme

Our main Delivery Partners are signed up for three years, and we will only have an open funding process if a new need becomes identified or a current organisation stops delivering their work. For further information about our delivery partners click here.


As well as our main programme, we will be funding a School Holiday Programme in 2018'.  


School Holiday Grants 2018-19

For 2018-19 we will expand and enhance our successful Summer Events & Activities Programme by allowing local VCS groups to apply for funding to provide activities for Children & young People during all school holidays throughout the year. 

School Holidays Application Form
School Holidays 2018-19 Application form[...]
Microsoft Word document [239.5 KB]
School Holidays Guidance Notes
School Holidays 2018-19 Guidance Notes.d[...]
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Local Priorities Community Grants 2018-19 

  • Following recent consultation with our Delivery Partners we have updated our priorities. Please note that these criteria will underpin all grants awarded in 2018-19:-


  • Loneliness & isolation- especially amongst Senior Citizens
  • Translation/conversational English support - particularly among the new and emerging communities (i.e. African, Eastern European and Roma);
  • Community Cohesion - tension between new and existing communities, issues between students & permanent residents plus inter-generational differences;
  • General Health & Wellbeing - including physical, emotional and mental health 
  • Training & Support -  qualifications and re-skilling for unemployed residents
  • Volunteering & Work Experience - maximising local opportunities and increasing the quality 


Local Priorities Application Form
Local Priorities Community Grants 2018-1[...]
Microsoft Word document [232.5 KB]
Local Priorities Guidance Notes
Local Priorities Community Grants 2018-1[...]
Microsoft Word document [79.0 KB]

Other Funding

Nottingham Together - Grant Funding 2018

Nottingham Together is about how well people get on with others from different backgrounds and the grant programme aims to support and develop activities that promote coming together, cohesion or neighbourliness amongst and between Nottingham’s communities. 


The funding has been allocated to Nottingham from central Government to help make Nottingham an even friendlier place to live and work.  Grants are aimed at achieving the best benefits for established resident communities, and enabling or encouraging cohesion and integration amongst newer communities in our City.  Most organisations working within the City can apply for grants between £50 and £1,000 and must:-

  • demonstrate how they will bring different groups together
  • submit their governing document with their application
  • include relevant DBS checks

Note: if the funding is for a one-off event, you will need to contact the Nottingham Together team before applying.

Seed Grant Guidance Document
Nottingham Together Seed Grant Guidance [...]
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Seed Grant Application Form
Nottingham Together Seed Grant Applicati[...]
Microsoft Word document [836.0 KB]
Small Grant Guidance Document
Nottingham Together Small Grant Guidance[...]
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Small Grant Application Form
Nottingham Together Small Grant Applicat[...]
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