Nottingham Works - Step-into-Work

Nottingham Works is part-financed by Nottingham City Council and the European Union through the European Social Fund's Youth Employment Initiative Programme (ESF YEI). 


If you are aged between 18 and 29, live in an NG7 postcode area and are struggling to find a job you should get in touch with our Community Employability Team.




We offer a relaxed and informal support service specifically for local young people looking for a job or training.  You’ll be assigned your own Employability Support Worker who will create a unique support package for you that will help you to overcome your barriers to employment and meet your short-term needs whilst moving you towards more long-term aspirations.

 We offer:

  • A community based approach that doesn’t require you to travel into the city centre to access employability support. Where it’s appropriate, we’ll conduct home visits or meet you at a venue of your choice and an interpreter service is provided if necessary.    

  • An effective engagement style that is inclusive and relevant. Our team has been recruited from within the communities they serve and have excellent local knowledge and good understanding of the many issues faced by local young people.

  • Real-world work experience placements that could lead to a real job. Your employability support package can include up to 10 weeks of training in a specific work-sector followed by a 2 week Work Experience Placement.

  • Ongoing mentoring and support even after you’ve find work. Our help doesn’t end once you’ve secured a job, training course or apprenticeship. We’ll continue to work with you up to 6 months to make sure that you have the support to be able to stay in work long-term.

So whether it’s formal qualifications, industry-specific certification, practical work experience, motivation or confidence building, travel assistance, money for a pair of work shoes or simply somewhere to look for jobs online, we can help.

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